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Car Deep Cleaning

Our machines are more powerful, cleaning solutions are stronger and staff better trained than you will find at any car valeter’s in Preston!

Car upholstery can easily become dirty in a short period of time. Your interior can start to smell from spillages or from daily bodily contact.

At EzeLyfe Carpet Cleaning, we can not only remove dirt or stains from your vehicle upholstery but also odour issues caused by everyday use.

Your seats and fabric can be shampooed to remove any water marks or soiling, leaving your car seats looking and smelling fresh again.

Our range of deodorisers, used in conjunction with the cleaning of the car upholstery in Preston will help to make your car, van or minibus seats smelling like new again!

We can also clean mats or carpets in your vehicle. Clean carpets in your car can really show it off in a good light and also make it more saleable.

Car Deep Cleaning

Why You Should Have Your Car Seats Professionally Cleaned!

1: Spillages, dirt, grime or stains on your car seats can make your vehicle interior look old before it’s time. Tired carpets and upholstery in your car will make it look tired and it’s always advisable to have them regularly cleaned to avoid damage to the fibres. If you do not keep on top of it by not having your car seats washed on a regular basis, it can make it harder each time when you do have the fabric cleaned.

2: Having your car seats cleaned in Preston will help with the overall air quality in your car, van or bus. Pollutants can rise up into the air for you to breath when you sit on a dirty and dusty car seat so it’s important to get them cleaned, making the car upholstery clean and fresh again!

3: Think of this service as an investment. When you come to sell your car, no buyer is going to buy a car with dirty upholstery, carpets or mats and even if they do, they will almost certainly want the car at a discount because of it.

4: Car seats can become smelly over time if not looked after. Nicotine, dust, sweat, body fats, grease, dirt and insects can all contribute and can be the reason for allergen reactions. It’s important to extract all of those nasties with a good upholstery car seat cleaner used by a professional.

5: Having a nice clean and lovely smelling car will not only improve your health but also your general well being too. You will feel good when driving to work in a nice new smelling vehicle that will also impress your friends and work colleagues. A nice environment to travel in will give you more confidence and will generally be a nicer experience.

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